I write about ideas and experiences that surround these 3 topics: Family, Culture, & Technology.

I’ll be writing for a 100 days, but with no particular cadence. Hopefully, we will go on for 1000days and will change the name accordingly.

I may switch up the format here and there with essays, reading recommendations, and even interviews - but to get a feel for how the 3 general topics are related in my mind, you can scroll down a bit.

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Why Family, Culture, & Tech?

  • Family: This is particularly interesting to me - someone recently told me that all my writing, whether about venture capital and startups or philosophy and photography - includes stories about my family. I think that the family is the most pervasive system/structure that exists in humanity - it is an elemental structure in society and life regardless of its presence or absence. As such, the family is a force that shapes the histories and futures of individuals, communities, etc.

  • Culture: Then there is culture - which I love because there is always room for curiosity and something different than what you already know. Culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs, values (insert textbook definition). To me, culture in many ways serves the purpose of coping with life’s realities. The bits and pieces that build culture create mechanisms to stabilize humans during the turbulence caused by the movement from trauma to pleasure and between other emotions. I sometimes like to think of culture like the software for humans. Similar to technology, culture has been innovated, established, reinvented - it has been borrowed and traded across time and space. And this process happens over and over again.

  • Technology: Lastly, of course there is technology itself. The method of choice for engineering the future, building change across all facets of the human experience. The primary foundation of technology is the fact that it is born through the reimagining of what already exists. The idea of technology cannot be separated from this sentiment of creativity. One technological innovation inspires ideas of reconstruction in other realms of the world. The simplification of the old and invention of the new provides the audacity to shake all other ideas rooted in humanity, even those basic building blocks - family and culture.

With these 3 topics that intermingle with one another, I noticed there is a never ending loop.

I’d like these 100 days of writing to be free from structure though, so the above concepts are broad on purpose - and are more so trending macro topics I see pop up across my impromptu writing. I think with this intro it provides a nice pathway for you as a reader but also myself as a writer to explore my thoughts with more purpose.